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  During these sessions, we will work on bringing the body and mind to your optimal blueprint through yoga, breathwork, physical adjustments and dialogue. We can personalize these sessions to work for you and your personal goals.  This is a wonderful way to deepen your practice, work with injury, or create your own personal space for yoga.


Vanessa has been teaching private yoga sessions since 2002.  She combines her background in Therapeautic's and body mehanic's from Anusara Yoga with her innate gift of listening and responding to each individual's process. 


You can request essential oil and Vanessa will provide an aromatic healing experiance with Young Living's oils the most transformative and pure oils on the market.


These sessions can take place in the comfort of your home and you can invite friends or family memebers to join you.

Vanessa is also happy to provide space to practice inManhatten, Westchester or Rockland County.

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